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Chris Potratz

Chris started his career in the restaurant business at age 14 at a fine dining restaurant.  He helped open that restaurant in 1994.  He held various jobs at his first restaurant from a dishwasher to bus boy to eventual server.  Chris then went to work and open a restaurant as a server in a corporate environment at age 19, where 6 months later he was appointed as a manager at their sister restaurant.  He ended up moving to Minnesota in 2001 to help open and manage a new restaurant.  He was with this company for almost 5 years when he decided to move back to Wisconsin and change companies to work for another corporate restaurant.  Chris was a manager to eventual Acting General Manager before being passed up for a new General Manager.  He then moved on to become a General Manager of another fine dining restaurant and then a General Manager of a corporate chain restaurant before opening with his family The Neighbors Bar and Grille.  

He along with his sister Sarah and his parents Duane and Gemma Langenwalter opened The Neighbors Bar and Grille in 2009.  Chris’ parents built the restaurant and he and his sister were in charge of running the day to day operations.  7 Years later in 2016, Chris and his sister Sarah have purchased the family run business from his parents and are now the owners of The Neighbors Bar and Grille together.  He is inspired by the hard work of his dad Duane Langenwalter having run a small business for 30+ years and learned the significance of hard work.  He is also inspired by his mom Gemma Langenwalter and has learned a great deal from her including making Homemade pasta which certainly will not change as our staple on Tuesdays at the Bar.  Chris had this to say about his sister and operator/owner partner.  “I would not want to run a restaurant business with anyone other than my sister Sarah.  Her passion for guest service and food quality is second to none in this business” Chris is looking forward to many years as owner and looks forward to the journey.

Chris has 2 Miniature Dachshunds named Stretch and Ox which are his passion.  He is a huge dog lover and enjoys going to baseball games and he is loving his new nephew Breslin who was born on March 7th 2016.  He intends to spoil him and teach him the business in the future.

Sarah Potratz

Sarah had a job in a little fine dining Italian restaurant the day she turned 14. She has done everything in the business from working in the kitchen, to bussing, serving and managing. She has never looked back since that day. After working in several other restaurants for other people she knew that once the opportunity came about to run the family business in hopes to someday own herself that was the goal. After running The Neighbors Bar and Grille with her older brother Chris for seven years, the day finally came to finally achieving her goal. Sarah is excited to continue on this new venture with her brother Chris.

Sarah enjoys spending time with her brand new baby son Breslin and husband Jason. She also has a passion for cooking and a love for wine and sports. Sarah takes pride in the little things and customer service is one of her most important successes.